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Fire Suppression Systems in Beaumont & Tyler

A fire at your home or business can cause significant damage even if put out quickly. Smoke can seep into your duct systems and furniture, causing long term damage. We offer products to help you control or stop a fire before it can cause damage to your home or business.

Fire suppression systems are especially important for the following:

  • Data storage & computer/server rooms
  • Tax & financial records
  • Health care records
  • Historical sites
  • Collectibles & Antiques
  • Industrial equipment
Fire Suppression Systems

Industrial Fire Suppression

Industrial paint spray applications such as PyroChem is the system of choice by some of the largest industrial paint applicators in the business, because they work and are backed by the TYCO name.

With the PyroChem line of products, we can help protect:

  • Automotive Paint Spray Booths
  • Open Face Paint Spray Booths
  • Total Flooding & Local Applications
Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

The Protex Brand Hood & Duct Fire Suppression System is a perfect choice for reliability and protection. This system provides above standard protection for hood, duct & appliance protection.

Our technicians have over 25 years of experience in system installation. We provide installation & inspection services 24 hours a day.

Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

Range & Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Advanced Systems Alarm Services is proud to announce the Guardian Range & Hood Fire Suppression Systems from 21st Century Fire Protection. This range fire protection system is perfect for:

  • Homes
  • Assisted living centers
  • Day cares
  • Churches

For more information, ask about our full line of Guardian Fire Protection Systems.

Range & Hood Fire Suppression Systems
FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Advanced Systems offers installation & inspection services for the FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. These systems are used for computer & server rooms were the usage of water or other types of fire protection agents could possibly damage sensitive equipment.

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Whether you need us to install a new system or need to have your current system inspected, Contact Us at 409-204-6525 and we'll be happy to help you protect your business or home from a fire.

FM-200 Clean Agent Systems

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